‘Someone will die unless drivers stop speeding in our street’

SOMEONE could die unless drivers stop speeding on a dangerous road in Stroud say residents.

Campaigners have spent the last few years highlighting the dangers of speeding in Bisley Old Road, where several serious accidents have happened.

On Thursday morning, police carried out speed checks and caught 11 motorists.

Now residents want to raise further awareness and are calling on drivers to obey speed limits in the street which is 20mph in one stretch and 30mph in the rest.

“Many locals feel it will take someone to be killed before something is done,” said resident Sean Garland, who has lived there for seven years.

“There seem to be incidents every few weeks caused by cars and lorries speeding.

“For some drivers it is a rat run as it’s easier to get up and down than Bisley Road.

“The speeding has got worse since lockdown.

“There has always been issues with vehicles speeding in general but since lockdown there seems to be a lot more heavy vehicles using the road and some of them seem to do more than 20mph.

“Something needs to be done – I would hate for someone to be killed before action is taken.”

Essia Harding has been heading up a campaign called Stop Speeding in Bisley Old Road since 2018.

“Nothing has really changed since then – people still drive dangerously all the time and the police speed checks do nothing,” she said.

“We have spent four years campaigning, asking for help and nothing has changed.”

Around 65 people attended a protest in October 2020 designed to raise awareness.

Residents stood in socially distanced groups holding up banners and placards along the 20mph section.

After a meeting last year the group set out plans to hold further discussions with Gloucestershire County Council about better road signs, produce a leaflet to distribute to residents in nearby roads and requests for more speed checks.

Martyn Midgley, GCC area highways manager, said: “The majority of the speed limit along the Bisley Old Road and surrounding roads is set at 20 or 30 mph, which is what you would expect in a residential area.

“Enforcing the speed limit is a police matter and it’s positive news to see that the camera enforcement team have recently been out enforcing along the road.

“We know speeding is a concern to residents and we have been meeting regularly with the local county councillor and the town council about this issue.

“We will continue to work with the community and the police to support them on this issue.”

Speed checks have been carried out in other locations recently.

On Thursday checks were conducted in Whiteshill where five motorists were caught and during the previous evening checks were carried out in Nympsfield Road, Nailsworth.

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