Spirits are the order This Halloween in Cirencester restaurant and bar

spirits are the order this halloween in cirencester restaurant and bar - Spirits are the order This Halloween in Cirencester restaurant and bar

The Ghostbusters have been called in to Cirencester’s Téatro Restaurant and Bar after several reported sightings of two spooky diners.

The first is believed to be the spirit of a boy, thought to have been a stable boy when the site, that now occupies the Barn Theatre, was the stables for the building that is above Téatro – Ingleside House.

He has been named Charlie by the staff, and the mischievous spirit has been known to move items right in front of the eyes of employees.

“We had some spiritualists in the bar a few years ago,” explained Paul Smith, who has worked at the venue for over 25 years in its various guises, Téatro, as it is now, The Vaults and previous to that, The Hideaway Club.

“They said that they could feel his presence, he was wearing callipers, possible caused by a riding accident.

“He got angry with them that night and refused to answer their questions. They stopped so not to anger him any further.”

Formerly The Beeches, in 1812 it was lived in by Mr Baylis, a wealthy man who kept 28 horses on the site as his business was transporting goods to London from the region. Charlie may well have been one of the stable boys from this era.

The Sewell family then took over the house, the 1851 census showing it was then Joseph Sewell, a gentleman. He then left the estate to his family in 1891.

Servant’s quarters were situated at the top of the property – Ingleside House. This is where the second ghost has been spotted, she has been named Margaret.

Many, not all, who have visited the room, say they could see a woman sat on the end of a bed in the corner of the room.

The forlorn figure is thought to be Margaret. Paul has also spotted what could be Margaret in the restaurant downstairs.

“I was looking out of the window at the bottom of the stairs to Ingleside in Téatro.

“The rain was coming down and it was a dark wintery evening. I felt like somebody was behind me, I turned around quickly and saw the figure of a woman come from where there is now booth seating to go across the room.

“I rushed to have a look but there was nobody there. I and others have seen this several times, once I felt a brush to the back of my head as if someone had tried to slap or touch me.

“Looking at the previous layout she was coming from what was the old meat room.

“The direction she takes is to where all of the food was cooked for the house by the servants. The fireplace is still there.

“Whether it is Mary or another ghost I don’t know, we have a picture of the some of the old servants, Margaret could be amongst them.”

Téatro manager Ryan is sceptical.

He said: “I have not had any experience, some feel it, I must be one of the lucky ones that does not.

“We will be doing hauntingly good cocktails though as the week of Halloween we will be extending our opening hours and will be open from Thursday, October 29, and then every Thursday after.

“The Barn Cinema are showing Hocus Pocus Thursday to Saturday that week at 9.45pm so people may want to dine with us before getting spooked by screen shosts.

“If anyone has any other information or they have experienced something of the supernatural at the restaurant and bar we would love to hear from you.

“Perhaps if you book a table for Halloween of four people it could actually be six if you are joined by our ghosts as I am sure they will keep in line with the current social rulings,” Ryan added.

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