Stagecoach blames Covid and Brexit for shortage of bus drivers

BUS firm Stagecoach is warning services are being disrupted in the area due to a shortage of drivers, caused by Brexit and the pandemic.

The travel operator issued an apology yesterday, saying that some services in Stroud, Stonehouse, Dursley, Cheltenham and Gloucester would see disruption as the firm was “experiencing staff shortages”.

Rachel Geliamassi, managing director at Stagecoach West, said: “Like many businesses and industries across the UK, we are currently experiencing staff shortages due to the effects of the pandemic and Brexit. Unfortunately, this means some service levels may be affected.

“We are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

“In the meantime, we’re working to ensure our core rural and interurban services are prioritised for commuters and essential travellers across our region.

“We will be keeping customers updated with live service information on our Twitter page and on the Stagecoach Bus App to help them plan their journeys.”

Wendy Thomas, chair of the Cam and Dursley Transport Group said the cancellations were ‘really disappointing’, with many passengers late for work and others left stranded at bus stops.

She said: “It is really disappointing to see so many services cancelled over the first few days of the new timetables.

“Yesterday 11 services on the 65 between Stroud, Dursley and Gloucester were cancelled, which is just unacceptable.

“We’ve heard of many people being stranded at bus stops, being one to two hours late for work, having to walk an hour to get home, and other issues.

“I take on board Stagecoach’s point of a ‘national driver shortage’ but how and why has that happened now?

“We’re not aware of comparable service disruptions last week.”

The following services have been cancelled today:

64 – 0640 Gloucester-Stroud

64 – 0740 Stroud-Gloucester

0900 Gloucester-Forest Green

64 – 09:15 from Gloucester to Stroud and the return journey to Gloucester at 10:25

1003 Forest Green-Gloucester

65 – 1005 from Stroud to Gloucester and to Stroud at 1150

67 – 1013 from Cashes Green

64 – 1055 from Stroud to Gloucester

67 – 1058 from Bussage

64 – 1115 Gloucester-Stroud

63 – 11:30 from Gloucester to Forest Green

67 – 1143 from Cashes Green

64 – 1155 Stroud to Gloucester

63 – 1200 from Gloucester to Forest Green and back to Gloucester

64 – 1225 Stroud-Gloucester 

67 – 1228 from Bussage

63 1300 Gloucester to Forest Green and back to Gloucester

67 – 1313 from Cashes Green

67 – 1358 from Bussage

63 1410 Stroud to Forest Green and back to Gloucester at 1437

64 – 1415 from Gloucester to Stroud

64 1437 Forest Green-Gloucester

67 – 1443 from Cashes Green

64 1515 Gloucester to Stroud

67 – 1530 from Bussage

64 – 1550 Gloucester to Stroud and the return journey at 1700

67 – 1620 from Cashes Green

65 1635 Stroud to Gloucester and back at 1820

64 1700 Stroud-Gloucester

67 – 1705 from Bussage

64 1820 Gloucester-Stroud 


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