Stalls thriving at Stroud Farmers’ Market

stalls thriving at stroud farmers market - Stalls thriving at Stroud Farmers' Market
stalls thriving at stroud farmers market 2 - Stalls thriving at Stroud Farmers' Market

Farmer’s Market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

One of the most rewarding things about my job is watching the development of new businesses as they make their first tentative steps out into the public domain with their products at our markets.

Over the nearly 20 years there have been countless businesses that have started at the market, with a good many still there and an even larger number that have disappeared for one reason or another.

Retirement is one factor, but business failure is also common, balancing the books in a food business is incredibly tight, especially at markets where a run of bad weather can send your sales spiralling down when your expenses have been the same!

What I enjoy observing is when a new business starts, often as a part time whilst juggling a full time job too, and then steadily grows over a period of time, increasing product ranges, finding other outlets, improving their stall set up and becoming more professional in everything they do, until after some time a new stable business has been established. Marvellous!

Businesses currently at the market that are on this journey include NG Leather, whose stall has gone from the original selection of just brown and black belts to an amazing range of handmade leather goods, Little Hollows Pasta, Fair and Square Brownies, a firm favourite everywhere, Whittal’s Fudge who have rebranded and started supplying their fudge to various outlets, and of course Tubby Tom’s spicy sauces.

Long may they all thrive!

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