Standing shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine

We have written jointly to Siobhan Baillie M.P on behalf of ourselves and many people who are resident in Nailsworth and Horsley.

We affirmed there is overwhelming support and sympathy for the plight of the Ukrainian people, admiration at their continuing courage, and repugnance at Putin for his invasion of this democratic nation.

We said we are aware that many Ukranians are fleeing for their very lives and asked her to convey to our government a wish for a more pro-active welcoming stance; one that does not require family links for issuing visas, the issuing of visas in the Ukraine itself and indeed a welcome and support for refugees even in the absence of visas.

We said that ‘standing shoulder to shoulder’ with Ukrainians actually requires more than warm words in this respect.

We await her response, which we hope will be positive.

When we held a silent vigil at the Nailsworth clocktower we were overwhelmed and gratified with the support we received from passers by on foot and in vehicles. Thank you.

Nailsworth & Horsley District Cllr Norman Kay

Cllr. Kate Kay. Chair of Horsley Parish Council

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