Strangest forgotten items found in taxis

Have you ever forgotten something in a Taxi and spent all your time trying to track it down. 

Well, you wouldn’t be the only one as it turns out that the average person wastes around 140 days of their life looking for lost items. 

From phones, bags, and umbrellas we’ve all forgotten some typical items but there are some uncommon and strange items that might shock you. 

As taxi firm, Addison Lee discovered when their lost property department was handed odd items like a double bed to an entire boot full of cheese. 

But if you’re curious to discover what the strangest items are then look no further as we have the full list so prepared to be confused. 

Stroud News and Journal: A double bed has even been left in a taxi. (Canva)A double bed has even been left in a taxi. (Canva)

Strangest Forgotten Items:

  1. Circus equipment 
  2. The talking bear from TED
  3. A wooden ham cutter
  4. An entire boot full of cheese
  5. Three military medals
  6. A Snow White outfit
  7. A bronze Buddha statue
  8. A double bed (in a courier van)
  9. Trombone stand 
  10. A large bag of scratch cards (all scratched and no winnings)


Addison Lee’s lost property manager Graham Needham said: “We find some of the most astonishing items in our cars, from things that will make your nan blush to loads of random cheese. One thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull day”

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