Stroud brothers win national skateboarding competition

STROUD brothers Stanley (16) and Fergus (13) Bhargava have won national skateboarding competition.

The teenagers, who both attend Marling School, were supported riders at Rush Skate for the past few years, until it closed at the end of August.

Stanley recently won first place out of 21 competitors in his category at the national vert skateboarding competition in Birmingham.

And Fergus won overall first position of the whole 2021 series.

Vert skateboarding involves a vertical ramp that is 14-16 feet high.

Competitors roll off the top of the ramp on their skateboards and perform numerous tricks travelling up and down both sides of the ramp.

Judging is based on technical ability during two 30 second runs, as well as a 15 minute ‘jam session’ when competitors try and wow the judges by attempting new and daring manoeuvres.

Stanley and Fergus have competed nationally in the UKVert Series over the past five years.

These fearless brothers have gone from strength to strength, achieving top three in competitions in Blackpool, Cardiff and Cornwall amongst others this year.

Last weekend’s competition in Birmingham was particularly difficult to train for as the boys have had to made a three hour round trip to Birmingham twice a week following the controversial closure of Rush Skatepark in Stroud.

Looking to the future, Fergus has started training with the Skateboard GB Team and Stanley hopes to join them when his GCSE studies are complete.

Stanley is a trustee of the new charity, Rush Sports Community Trust, formed in order to plan and support the building of a new local indoor skatepark.

The charity members are keen to rebuild a local skatepark community swiftly.

They see significant benefits of a new skatepark in terms of exercise, mental health and community spirit, all of which have been severely affected as a result of the national lockdown.

Friends of Rush Skatepark are crowdfunding to support the new skatepark.

Siobhan Baillie, MP completed the Stroud Half Marathon, raising funds for this special cause.

The Bhargava brothers are very hopeful that land or a building to convert will be found very soon so that they can be back training on their skateboards in Stroud once more.

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