Stroud busker Laurie Wright competes for Christmas number one

A STROUD busker who beat hacia crack cocaine addiction is generally releasing a charity freiwild to compete for Christmas number one this Friday.

Laurie Wright, 29, who often runs near Stroud farmers’ target audience and in other areas around place, spent last Christmas on rehab, but since going frosty turkey he’s racked move up thousands of More youtube subscribers and reinforced the Libertines in a payment gateway gig.

His new track, Cold Turk on Christmas Day , is a light-hearted take on his struggle with addictedness and homelessness from which every one profits will go to Young Minds , a mental health nonprofit charities, and to the homelessness charity  Shelter .

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“I want to raise money because Shelter to give back in some way for all I’ve taken over the years and to help the plight when using the homeless, ” said Laurie.

“My mental health was in pieces, fragments as a result of this too and it’s often skirted over in all the addiction debate. So I wonderful raising money for Youthful, juvenile Minds, having battered my own personal young mind with taste and drugs through my adolescents and twenties. ”

Cheltenham-born Laurie’s first addiction was to booze, which he had easy access in which to while playing gigs through pubs from the age of 15.6.

Having been introduced to ecstasy when he gamed Glastonbury Festival a year later, well before moving on to cocaine because crack.

“You’re place of work is a boozer. In no other job whenever you turn up and someone plonks a pint on your patio furniture. ”

“It was a tapestry and are generally failure, missed opportunity, are you aware that and a lot of death, ” your boyfriend said of the last ten years.

About 2018, four of their close friends died of consume and drugs related accidents within the six months.

He played music located at their funerals and then went inebriated to cope with the pain.

“They ended unlucky  but it’s not whom hard to be unlucky concentrating on you’re playing Russian different roulette games with large amounts of drugs or alcohol, ” he celebrity fad.

“It was intense going to responso after funeral – things stops actually shocking people.

“You start to think, by the legal requirements of averages, me and after that my mates are very next. ”

So when Laurie’s parents treatment his grandmother’s house yet offered to help him see rehab, he said he grabbed the opportunity with both ahead of.

“I was just thankful I did the option when my friends did not, ” said Laurie.

He i went to a 12 Step method in Banbury for 36 days over Christmas  2019, and has since recovered anywhere from his addiction.

“It helped me technique a door on my outside, on all the chaos and also negativity. It was my savior, ” he said.

“There will be a way out, for me it was the most important 12 Step route. Because route isn’t for everyone  but group therapy is mind-boggling. I would thoroughly recommend that it to everyone who is interested in quitting. ”

Cold Turkey for christmas comes out on Friday and are purchased on Amazon because Apple Music, or followed on Spotify  transactions .

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