Stroud council demand owner fix Tricorn House after boy dies

Stroud District Council have demanded the owners of Tricorn House develop the site after a 15-year-old boy died falling from the building’s roof.

Conservative MP for Stroud Siobhan Baillie has also leant her support, meaning redeveloping or demolishing the building has the backing of members of every major political party and of politicians at two levels of government.

Add to that the voices of 3,000 residents who have signed a petition to tear down Tricorn House, owned by Millville Ltd, since the death of North Vernon-White.

“We recognise the enormous strength of feeling over this issue and we know that this terribly sad incident is affecting our community. Our thoughts continue to be with North’s family and friends,” a Stroud District Council spokesperson said.

“We have granted permission for several redevelopment schemes of Tricorn House over the years but the owner has not actioned any of them – this cannot continue.

“We stand with the community in its call on the owner to redevelop the site as soon as possible.

“In the meantime we have taken immediate action, with the agreement of the site’s owner, to block up all access points at their expense. We have reminded the owners of their responsibility to keep the site secure.

“The Health and Safety Executive has confirmed that it is the lead authority at the site in terms of health and safety compliance and will work directly with the police on the investigation into this tragic death.”

In 2009, the Government rejected a compulsory purchase order submitted by Stroud District Council which would have let them acquire Tricorn House from Millville Ltd and sell the space to Ecotricity.

Instead the building has remained derelict for more than two decades.

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