Stroud councillor laid his dad to rest on the day of Downing Street ‘party’

A STROUD councillor laid his father to rest on May 20, 2020 – the same day that the alleged Number 10 garden ‘party’ occurred.

Steve Hynd – Councillor and Deputy Leader of Stroud Councillor Green Group – and his four siblings were the only people who were allowed to attend the funeral due to the government’s coronavirus guidelines at the time.

They and a vicar were all stood two metres apart, yet images have emerged of the alleged ‘party’ that took place in the Downing Street Garden at the same time.

In a blog post at the time, Mr Hynd wrote: “The vast majority of people watched on through a live stream as the hymns and the eulogy echoed around the near empty room.

“The rows of empty silent pews speaking volumes about all the people who knew and loved Dad over the years who couldn’t be there

“To me it felt inadequate, a poor fraction of a funeral for a man that burst at the seams of life.”

Mr Hynd – councillor for The Stanleys – has been reflecting on this since the news broke about this alleged party.

“It’s quite hurtful to read when someone you loved has died.

“It has shown that he’s lied. They should have been protecting people like me.

“It calls into question all of the promises made by the Prime Minister at the time that he was doing everything in his powers to protect people like my Dad.  

“The idea that we could only invited five people to the funeral and yet there were 100 people supposedly invited to this BYOB event.

“This had a big impact on the family.

“This could have been a sacrifice we were willing to make if we were genuinely all pulling together.

“To think less people attending a funeral would have saved other lives.

“Even now, there is an uncontrolled spread of Covid and they are trying to normalise the loss of life.

“They are clearly making a calculated risk – lives are being thought of as dispensable.

The Stroud Councillor knows what he thinks the Prime Minister should do.

“He has no moral credibility to be a leader.

“Boris clearly hasn’t led by example – he needs to resign.”


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