Stroud couple forced to cancel wedding ‘overwhelmed’ by heart-warming surprise

CHANELLE JONES and Karl Wakefield had their wedding plans untied due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The Stroud love birds were due to tie the knot at Elmore Court on Friday, but family and friends surprised the couple by raising a toast through social media.

“It was extremely overwhelming and thoughtful,” said Chanelle.

“Initially I thought it was just going to be pictures of us, so when we saw it was a video we were overwhelmed.

“The video was just so lovely to wake up to on the morning that would have been our wedding day, but it has made us more excited for when it does happen.

“Our family and friends showered us with cards and drinks, it was amazing,” added the 27-year-old bride-to-be who has been with Karl, 34, for seven years.

Chanelle has had her own personal battles, beating breast cancer two years ago with partner Karl by her side.

She said: “We’ve had a couple really though years, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 25, and Lymphoedema in my right leg. I had a mastectomy and we found out I would need to start chemo in the May of 2018, so we jumped on a flight to Paris in April for a quick break and Karl proposed on a night boat near the Eiffel Tower.

“I only finished active treatment in September 2019 and wanted time to let my hair grow before the big day, I guess the delay will now help my hair get longer again.”

And groom Karl is looking forward to the big day and building a life together with his bride.

He said: “Having to watch the person you love go through something as awful as cancer, from the physical aspects of chemo, operation to the metal, psychological aspects that come with it is something you cannot prepare for.

“Chanelle’s positive outlook and sheer strength has been very inspiring and it is difficult to put into words how much I love and admire her. I’ve known for a very long time that I wanted to marry Chanelle and build a life together, Paris wasn’t necessarily the place her or I had in mind, with that said it was very special and funny carrying the ring in my coat in the baking sun for 3 days getting too nervous every time somewhere looked great, until the last night on the boat and then the ring being too big.

“Again, we could not prepare or predict COVID19 and we’ve been looking forward to our wedding, being an amazing celebration after a long, hard couple of years with the people we love. Nevertheless, we are all safe and well which is most important and had beautiful day together on Friday, without melting in a suit.

“We truly have amazing friends and family that have supported us through everything and brought many smiles and laughter to Chanelle and I, which I will always be very grateful for.

Chanelle and Karl hope to marry on a rescheduled date of October 15.

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