Stroud Extinction Rebellion members head for G7 in Cornwall

Stroud Extinction Rebellion members are heading to Cornwall, where a meeting of the G7 is set to take place.

The G7, leaders of the world’s richest democratic nations are meeting in Cornwall from 11th-13th June.

XR Stroud will be there to demand action on climate change, along with other groups from all over the UK.

Speaking for the Stroud group, David Lambert said: “Over the weekend there will be a series of COVID-safe, non violent mass participation actions bringing our message to the G7: “We’re drowning in promises: act now”.

“The G7 keeps making promises and breaking them”

He said these ‘broken promises’ include:

• The promises in the Paris climate agreement of 2015 to take action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees 

• The promise to meet 20 biodiversity targets to slow the destruction of the natural world agreed in Japan in 2010

• The promise to give $100 bn in aid to poorer countries who have done least to cause global heating but who will suffer from it most

“We will be sounding the alarm for climate justice and the dangerous consequences of the G7’s broken promises for front line communities already bearing the brunt of climate and ecological collapse,” he added.

“The government’s decision to cut international aid this year of all years shows its total failure to grasp the need for global action now.

“XR and others will be calling out government greenwashing, empty promises and the ecocidal decisions that continue to be made as a consequence of pursuing infinite growth on a finite planet. We will be visioning alternative ways of meeting everyone’s needs while repairing the harm that our toxic system is causing both to the natural world and to all of us.”

Sarah Lunnon of XR Stroud said: “Later this year, the UK will host the COP climate summit in Glasgow.

“The government boasts of its performance, but in reality it has barely begun on the hard decisions required by the climate breakdown.

“It is still issuing licenses for oil and gas drilling in the North Sea, still planning a massive road-building programme, still building HS2 and still planning major airport expansion.

“Get real G7! The planet is burning up; millions are already dying.

“Stop pretending the richest nations can just carry on business as usual.”

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