Stroud family spend lockdown in Costa Rica

A FAMILY from Stroud who were in Costa Rica when the pandemic struck are staying put during lockdown.

Alex and Jasmine Johnson and their daughters Skylar, 7, and Zennah, 4, have been in the Central American country since March 11.

When many flights were cancelled as the lockdown was put in place, and with the girls’ school back home closed, Alex and Jasmine decided to use the time as a positive break and make the most of their surroundings.

Both professional osteopaths, with an interest in yoga and veganism, the couple have been using the time to enjoy being together as a family, while being as healthy as possible and teaching the children a bit more about the world.

The family’s daily routine starts at 5.30am with yoga and exercises, then they have an educational session with the girls to support their learning, followed by a dip in the pool.

In the afternoons they play and take a nap for an hour. When they wake up they do yoga or explore the jungle.

The Johnson family has a reservation to fly back to England on May 7 next unless their flight is cancelled.

Alex said a sign at their local supermarket in Santa Teresa de Cóbano sums up the family’s life at the moment.

It reads ‘Be kind, think kind, pass on kindness’.

“I love this sign at our local organic supermarket, it sums up our life right now,” he posted on social media.

“We have had to surrender to the universe and go with the flow, which at most times feels easy as we love life here in the tropics and the lifestyle Costa Rica brings.

“But that is not to say we don’t have real anxious, worrying, heart stopping moments about whether we should, could or would be able to get home, even if we tried.

“But then we try to breathe, to let go, to trust the process, and to be kind, to ourselves, each other and to then ‘pass it on’.”

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