Stroud family’s Costa Rican lockdown adventure is coming to a close

?type=app&htype=0 - Stroud family's Costa Rican lockdown adventure is coming to a close
11307840 - Stroud family's Costa Rican lockdown adventure is coming to a close

A FAMILY from Stroud who were in Costa Rica when the pandemic struck are hoping to fly home today (Wednesday).

Alex and Jasmine Johnson and their daughters Skylar, seven, and Zennah, four, have been in the Central American country since March 11.

The family had chosen to take an off season break as the girls’ school, Wynstones in Whaddon, closed down in January.

They tried to book flights home as the lockdown was put in place, but many of the flights out of the country were cancelled.

Alex and Jasmine felt that if they left without a direct flight home or a repatriation flight, they’d be putting their family at more risk than if they stayed put.

So they decided to use the time as a positive break and make the most of their surroundings.

All the beaches and national parks were closed, but with the usual tourists unable to visit, the family were able to cheaply rent a house with a pool in Santa Teresa.

The couple have been using the time to enjoy being together as a family, while being as healthy as possible and teaching the children a bit more about the world.

Jasmine is a yoga teacher, Alex is a nature cure practitioner, and both are professional osteopaths.

The family’s daily routine includes yoga and exercise, meals of local tropical fruit and vegetables, and educational sessions with the girls to support their learning.

They have fallen in love with Costa Rica, but are also missing home and so were hugely relieved to secure a place on a Spanish repatriation flight today (Wednesday), and then onward to the UK two hours later.

“We have finally been offered a sudden repatriation flight to Madrid,” said Alex.

“It’s come out of nowhere.

“With the UK not offering repatriation flights, this has come as a great option, with immediate connection in Madrid to arrive in London.

“It’s also great as it avoids having to fly on an American repatriation flight, which is the only other flight available, and then fighting to get home from there.

“So we are very chuffed.”

“They just extended the border closures for another six weeks, so this would be our last chance to leave.

“We are very much looking forward to being back in our own home in the Cotswolds and our beautiful garden.

“But we have loved Costa Rica, even during this long lockdown and we will definitely be back.

“Three weeks has turned into more than two months, and we are ready to go home, but boy will we miss the tropical sun, the amazing fruit and food, the jungle animals, the smiling people and the absolutely incredible sunrises and sunsets.”

Follow the Johnsons’ adventures on Instagram at @naturecurefamily and for more information about Alex and Jasmine’s approach to health and wellbeing visit:

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