Stroud Farmers’ Market to go ahead on Saturday

Farmers’ market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

I write this column on a Tuesday. On the way to the office today I listened to Radio 5 Live.

Last night the Prime Minister put forward some upgraded measures to try and stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Things are looking pretty grim for many.

So, the market. “To be or not to be, that is the question”.

Are we a benefit in times like this, or a huge risk?

Can we really do without the enjoyment and wellbeing to so many?

The support for those businesses bringing our weekly shopping to town, who really rely on the market for their livelihood?

Iceland, the big supermarket which sits in the middle of the market, will be open, but other shops may not be.

But we are not like a shop, or a theatre, where enclosed spaces must surely be worse for you than being outside?

We don’t want to put anyone at risk of course, but at the same time we want to be able to sell our foods to our regular customers, who otherwise might end up having to go to the supermarket!

We will be contacting the stallholders to ensure no one comes if they are feeling unwell in any way (we had five stallholder cancellations last week) and we would encourage all our customers to do the same; if you are not sure, don’t come.

Stay safe and be sensible.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, at the market, it just so happens to be Children’s Day, with a special stall of activities for kids.

We will be there from 9am-2pm.

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