Stroud filmmaker’s battle with covid-19

stroud filmmakers battle with covid 19 - Stroud filmmaker’s battle with covid-19
stroud filmmakers battle with covid 19 2 - Stroud filmmaker’s battle with covid-19

A FILMMAKER from Minchinhampton has revealed the frightening ordeal of suffering with coronavirus.

Award-winning director Guy Davies, 28, was told by a doctor and NHS 111 earlier this month that he had contracted Covid-19.

Revealing the details through social media, Guy said he suffered with a slight fever on the morning of Thursday, March 12.

After feeling completely fine with no symptoms on the Friday and the Saturday, he developed a fever for around half an hour on the Sunday.

His fever then continued for a short time in the morning.

He said: “I was finding it odd that I felt so healthy when I kept getting these hot spells.”

He then awoke on Tuesday with a high fever and a sore throat and was told by a doctor over the phone he had contracted the virus, and to isolate, he also developed a cough.

On Wednesday, March 18, Guy said he woke up feeling ‘pretty awful.’

His persistent fever was now accompanied by fatigue, muscle pain and a ‘lung rattling cough that you feel in your back.’

He said he also had a ‘sense of impending doom’ as well as ‘slight delirium’ and confusion when doing simple everyday tasks.

He said his cough was worsening throughout the day and his lungs felt ‘very heavy’.

Guy also had aggressive chills, whole body shivers and diarrhoea by 8pm.

At 10pm he said he started having trouble breathing as if he was at altitude and NHS 111 advised him to call an ambulance.

After waiting 20 minutes, a doctor helped Guy with some breathing techniques and after an hour he felt much better.

On Thursday, March 19, Guy said his muscle pain and fever had reduced and that his sore throat had gone entirely, although the exhaustion continued, and he had spent the day in bed feeling ill.

Thankfully, Guy said on Friday he felt much better and is now on the mend.

He said: “There’s a handful of people I know of in Stroud that I’ve been in contact with who are now displaying the same symptoms.

“I’ve been isolating in my home in Minchinhampton town centre since Tuesday, March 17.”

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