Stroud food company launches new vegan lines onto GWR trains

STROUD-based food company, Kitchen Garden Foods, which is the brains behind the Wolfy’s Porridge brand have secured a new listing with Great Western Railway for their vegan range.

Kitchen Garden Foods has supplied GWR with their products for a number of years, but this is the first time they have listed the company’s vegan range on board their trains.

Commercial director and joint owner, James Horwood said:“There was huge demand for more vegan breakfast options onboard trains and as our non-vegan range has been selling so well for years, it seemed like a logical move to encourage GWR to try a vegan offering.

“They agreed, and listed the strawberries and cream porridge for breakfast, and garlic and herb couscous for lunch offering.

“It’s a great move by GWR and shows they’re forward thinking and care about their customers desires.”

Mr Horwood said feedback from GWR’s passengers on the vegan products on social media has already been overwhelmingly positive.

James Moinet, operations director and joint owner added: “The number of people following a vegan diet has increased substantially in the last few years.

“Historically, vegan food has always been a bit bland and boring, and we’re pleased to be changing that with our creamy and indulgent vegan porridge and flavoursome Couscous pots.

“Every pot of our porridge contains a little pot of jam to swirl into the oats, and the couscous contains a pot of chutney or relish. You only need hot water, so its perfect served on board Great Western Railway.”

The company also supplies a smaller-sized Wolfys Porridge on board the first class carriages on GWR trains.

Mr Horwood said: “If you travel first class, you’ll be able to try our exclusive Golden Syrup Wolfys and we’re currently working on a vegan pot for first class customers.”

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