Stroud Goodwill 2020 this Friday

STROUD Goodwill Evening is set to go ahead on Friday with shops and Christmas gift markets open until 9pm.

Most shops will be open including the Five Valleys Shopping Centre.

Please note the photo above was taken last year and does not therefore reflect the social distancing and other measures which will be in operation this Friday.

Families are invited to come into town and enjoy the Christmas lights and wonder round the shops and markets at the Cornhill and the Shambles, with the indoor market also staying open.

Due to lockdown, lantern packs could not be distributed before the evening so instead they will be offered on a stall at the Cornhill Christmas gift market for a small donation.

A number of shops were given a lantern kit on Tuesday so look out for some creations as you go around town on Friday.

In Fawkes Place there will be some children’s fairground activities, but there won’t be any large rides this year.

As there won’t be a gathering at the Sub Rooms for the countdown or a lantern procession or any street entertainment it will be quite different to usual but the goodwill committee hope families will still enjoy spending some time in Stroud, enjoying our ever improving shops and the great range of take away food that will be on offer.

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