Stroud man, 36, beat up partner because she was ‘chopsy’

stroud man 36 beat up partner because she was chopsy - Stroud man, 36, beat up partner because she was 'chopsy'
stroud man 36 beat up partner because she was chopsy 1 - Stroud man, 36, beat up partner because she was 'chopsy'

A STROUD man who beat up his partner and threw her out of the house because she had been ‘chopsy’ has been sentenced to a six months suspended jail term.

Simon Clark, 36, of Bisley Old Road, attended Cheltenham Magistrates Court yesterday (February 9).

Magistrates heard that he was at home with his partner on September 21, 2019 when they argued and Clark retaliated by squeezing her neck and punching her.

Prosecutor Maddie Steele said: “The victim fell on the floor and he continued squeezing her neck and punching her.

“He slapped her in the face, making her eyes swollen and he hurled verbal abuse at her that included telling her she was a scumbag.

“He then proceeded to throw her out of the house.

“The woman didn’t attend hospital because she was ashamed by what had happened, but she made contact with a friend, who she stayed with.

“The friend took photographs of the woman’s injuries and forwarded these to the police.”

The court heard that Clarke committed a second offence against the woman on December 19 after they had spent the evening together drinking alcohol.

Ms Steele added: “But when she tried to get a taxi home, there were no operators available. The woman then slept on the sofa while Clarke went to bed.

“However, approximately 20 minutes later Clarke ordered the woman to sleep in his bed while he watched the television.

“She did not react quickly enough to his demands for his liking and he proceeded to grab her by her clothing and drag her on to the floor.

“He shouted at her to leave. Moments later he kicked out at her with his foot landing in her chest, causing to suffer from excruciating pain.

“The woman called the police, giving Clarke time to put his shoes on and leave the address.

“She explained to the police what he had done and Clarke was arrested the next day for assault.”

The woman said in a victim statement: ‘Before my relationship with this man I was a happy person.

“But during the past two years I have become depressed.

“He controlled me and ran me down and guilt tripped me into thinking I was the one to blame and it was all my fault.

“These assaults have affected the way I feel both physically and mentally.

“I didn’t deserve the mental abuse. I feel I have wasted two years of my life with someone who didn’t treat me with respect.

“I don’t understand why he was like that; I deserve better.”

Gemma Walsh, defending, said: “They were both heavy drinkers and in drink were unpleasant to each other.

“Their relationship had a negative effect on both of them.

“The relationship is definitely over. He has no interest in seeing the woman again.

“The victim has been spared giving evidence as Clarke has pleaded guilty to both assaults.

“Since the relationship ended last year, both have made progress in moving on with their lives.

“Clarke knows that alcohol is a problem for him and he accepts he needs help.”

Clarke pleaded guilty to assault causing the woman actual bodily harm between September 20 and 23, 2019 in Stroud and assaulting the same woman on December 19, 2020 and causing actual bodily harm.

Kate MacDuff, chairman of the magistrates, told Clarke that the offences crossed the custody threshold, but the justices were prepared to suspend the sentence.

The magistrates sentenced Clarke to a six-month jail term, suspended for two years, ordered him to attend a six-month alcohol treatment programme and pay compensation to his victim of £350.

The justices also imposed a two-year restraining order on Clarke, banning him from making any contact with his victim.

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