Stroud MP raises concerns about Thursday’s campaign to light sky lanterns for NHS

Stroud’s MP Siobhan Baillie has raised concerns about a campaign encouraging the public to light sky lanterns in support for NHS workers on Thursday evening.

The National Fire Chiefs Council told people to look for alternative ways to support key workers, warning that lanterns are a serious fire hazard.

Ms Baillie said she has written to the Gloucestershire Fire Chief regarding the concerns.

In a post on Facebook, she said: “A company who makes union jack sky lanterns were promoting them to use during the Thursday clapping celebrations for the NHS and all the workers helping with the covid crisis.

“There has been outrage about this due to the fire hazards and the problems they cause livestock.

“The NFU (National Farmers’ Union) do not want sky lanterns used. I would agree with this, some councils have already banned them.

“Fireworks on Thursdays have been raised with me in relation to scaring pets and fire hazards at a time when our fire services are already out across the county helping with the covid cause.

“Cllr Stephen Davies is speaking to the council regarding concerns raised about bonfires.”

Ms Baillie said she is very interested to hear her constituents’ experiences and views in the comments section on her post.

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