Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie on Boris Johnson’s position amid Tory resignations

STROUD MP Siobhan Baillie has spoken out amid the recent spate of government resignations. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak plus Health Secretary Sajid Javid both resigned from their posts last night in the wake of the Chris Pincher assault allegations. 

Today, dozens of Conservative MP’s have also resigned from their post, including Gloucestershire MP Alex Chalk. 

Siobhan Baillie – who is currently on maternity leave – sent the SNJ a statement about the situation. 

Siobhan Baillie’s statement 

“Many people will have seen that the Prime Minister has suffered a number of high profile resignations from his government.

“Some have asked whether I will be resigning too but as I resigned from my junior government PPS position a long time ago, I have nothing to resign from at this stage. 

“It is no secret that I have grappled with what has been happening in Downing Street and with the Prime Minister.

“I continue to refuse to defend indefensible behaviour and have listened to my constituents throughout. 

“The recent handling of sexual allegations concerning the Deputy Chief Whip have clearly been the catalyst for many other MPs and Ministers. 

“Local people know where I am on these issues, my approach to working in politics generally and that I vote against the government where I believe it is necessary to do so.

“We must have confidence in those who lead, and confidence in the Prime Minister has undoubtedly been damaged.

“The public must have faith in what any Prime Minister says, and as it stands I think they overwhelmingly do not.

“I hope the Prime Minister will now consider his position in the face of these resignations and allow someone else to lead the country without delay.

“Like the rest of the world, the UK has significant challenges to face.

“We need to be able to do this without distractions.

“It is not an easy decision for any MP to seek to change leaders and particularly regarding changing a sitting Prime Minister who achieved an 80-seat majority in 2019 from the electorate. 

“He has also undoubtedly worked really hard and has faced unforeseeable and unprecedented challenges throughout his premiership with many successes to note. 

“As a result, views will continue to be mixed about whether the Prime Minister should stay or go and it is not without regret that I have felt the need to write this statement.

“On a separate note, I would also like to thank everybody who has got in touch to wish my family well with our new arrival.

“We feel really blessed.

“Please note that I am not giving media interviews or a running commentary on this fast moving situation as I am on my few weeks‘ maternity leave.”

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