Stroud pupils develop conservation themed computer game

STROUD Valley Community School children have scored a UK first by developing a computer game to teach conservation.

Working with members of conservation project Hedgehog Republic, the pupils carried out detailed research into the life cycle of a hedgehog.

They then shared what they had learned by creating an informative leaflet.

However they did not stop there; under the guidance of the Hedgehog Republic team they took their ideas and developed a hedgehog survival computer game.

Gabriel Kyne, founder of Hedgehog Republic, said: “ This is a very exciting educational initiative.

“It is the first time in the UK that teaching programming has been based around conservation.

“The children loved it and learned so much.

“We have been in contact with a range of conservation and nature groups nationally who would like to take the idea forward.

“I am so proud that Stroud has such engaged young students who have enabled this to happen.”

To play the game visit:

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