Students show their enthusiasm for science

students show their enthusiasm for science - Students show their enthusiasm for science
students show their enthusiasm for science 1 - Students show their enthusiasm for science

Students showed off their enthusiasm for science at The Riverside Community Centre in Malmesbury.

The centre played host to 55 students from Minety, Oaksey and Crudwell primaries.

Children at the schools were sharing project work they had done as part of an Enthuse project funded by STEM learning.

The aim of the project was to ‘Enthuse’ young children about all things STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths.

Led by Malmesbury Secondary School, the project was support by Avon Teaching School Alliance who have provided training sessions for primary teachers as well as enrichment events for the students.

This was the last event of the two-year project and there was plenty of enthusiasm on display.

Garry Packer from Highways England has been working closely with Minety Primary since teacher Maria Madeley took part in an Insight industrial placement.

Garry had previously worked with the students on bridge building, but this time helped with a project on bees.

Dyson provided challenge activities for the children in the afternoon and the event was capped off with an inspirational family learning session from Ben Edmonds founder of the Inventors Club.

The children’s parents came along in the afternoon to see the projects and were joined by Malmesbury mayor Julie Exton.

Talking about science has been a major part of the project but talking to a mayor with a chain of office was especially exciting for the children.

The project organisers would like to make it an annual event and to grow to include more schools but there is no more funding for the project unless the schools are successful applying for a second Enthuse Award or find a sponsor.

Dr Maggie Beggs from Malmesbury school who has led the project said: “If we are to meet the needs of industry for STEM qualified workforce, then we need to be changing attitudes and inspiring young people from as young an age as possible.”

Everyone involved in the project has an exciting night ahead with the National STEM awards being held in London tonight with Maria as a finalist for the Primary STEM teacher of the year and the project nominated for Enthuse Partnership of the year.

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