Thanks for kindness after Chubby died

I want to write in to say a massive thank you to Vets4Pets in Yate for the extra support they have given us since our guinea pig Chubby died.

Chubby sadly died in nurse Jo’s arms on 24th May just 10 minutes after we left the vet.

Then when we went to pick Chubby up from the vet Jo bought him out to us.

Jo then said if there is anything they can do for us then to let them know.

We were then in the area on Tuesday this week so we went to see the 2 receptionists Sarah + Emma that were on duty. We know all the staff very well. We had a chat with them both and I was telling them that I am still struggling without Chubby. I said I miss not bringing Chubby in to see them. Sarah said it will get easier for me. Sarah then said some lovely things, we can come and see them anytime and that we are always here. I thought that was very nice. Sarah then told us that she is on duty this weekend. They are all being so supportive and I really couldn’t wish for anything better than that when we are grieving for our boy Chubby.

Not only do I want to thank Vets4Pets but i also want to say a massive thank you to Pets at home for all the support they have also given us.

When we came downstairs with Chubby i had been crying which is what you would expect and I was asked by a member of staff at the till if I was ok. We were buying a few things in Pets at home and the same member of staff asked us if we wanted help carrying Chubby to the car. It’s certainly been a tough few weeks for me and still is and to receive so much support from Vets4Pets + Pets at home it just makes it that bit easier in my grief for Chubby.

I would very much like it if you could possibly print this enclosed final photo of Chubby to go with this letter of mine. Vets4pets would absolutely love to see my final ever photo of Chubby that was taken at the vet just a day before he died.

Helen Wood


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