The five dogs looking for their forever homes at Cotswolds Dogs and Cats home

Here is a selection of dogs from the Cotwolds Dogs and Cats Home which are looking for their forever homes.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them go to for full contact details and to find out more.

You can also donate money to the charity to help it carry on its rescue work by visiting the same website.

Dexter is an 3 year old Malinois who is full of life. Due to his breed, Dexter is incredibly intelligent and will be a joy to train by an experienced dog owner. Dexter has made an instant impression on his carers here at the centre, and adores long walks and lots of mental stimulation.

Dexter can be reactive when meeting new dogs , but has been sociable with dogs in the past, after careful introductions. An ideal home for Dexter would be one with an experienced dog owner and an adult only home, as Dexter can be boisterous and rough whilst playing. He will need firm ground rules to help him learn, lots of mental stimulation and a very active lifestyle to meet his needs.

Hades can be nervous of strangers, so any adopters will need to be willing to make multiple visits to the centre to get to know him, but it’s definitely worth it, as once you have built that trust, you will see how sweet and affectionate he can be!

Hades would thrive in an adult only home with no other pets, where someone is around for a good part of the day as he does worry when left for too long – if you think you fit the bill, please fill out a perfect match form found on the website.

Lola is super affectionate and playful with her favourite humans, and is always seeking ways to please them!

Being a collie X Staffie she is highly intelligent- she knows many commands already and is always willing to learn new ones. She will benefit from a home that can provide her with plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

Lola’s unfortunately had a difficult past until now which has had an impact on her behaviour towards strangers.

This cheeky chap has plenty of personality and energy to match. He requires a home that can provide him with lots of outdoor activity as he has high energy levels and loves nothing more than an adventure. Yoko is incredibly clever and thrives when learning so will benefit from extra outlets like obedience training, agility or tracking.

He requires an adult only home, as he can be a typical tenacious terrier at times. He is social with other dogs so would enjoy walks with doggy friends in the countryside! Being a Jagdterrier, he has a very high prey drive meaning a home with small fury’s or cats would not be considered.

Yoko will thrive in a highly energetic home that can offer him plenty of exercise, fun activities and of course lots of play.

Ralphy is on the hunt for his new home that can provide him with all the love, attention and walks he desires; as well as a sofa to lay on!

He needs an owner who has time and patience to offer to work alongside helping him with stressors in day to day life that he can find challenging. He will also require to be in a dog only home without any children to give him the quiet household he is longing for.

Whilst Ralphy has shown to be friendly towards dogs here at the centre and enjoying his walks with resident doggy friends, he does not require much from them and would benefit from a home that does not have any visiting dogs. His main goal daily is to find the best sunny spot to sun himself in with his favourite human.

To get in contact with with reception please call 01453 890014, the lines are open between 10am-4pm Mon-Sun (except Thursday’s). Or email

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