The full story of Stroud’s second student strike

the full story of strouds second student strike 1 - The full story of Stroud's second student strike

Hundreds of students skipped school for a second time on Friday to protest against government inaction on climate change.

Beginning outside Archway School’s anti-slavery arch, the march went past Stroud High School and Marling, collecting another large group of students gathered there.

The protestors then marched down Cainscross Road and on to Wallbridge Lock before taking a lap of the town.

In a speech to the crowd Archway pupil and strike organiser, Dan Green, said it was good to see so many people cared ‘even if the adults don’t’.

“This is the biggest issue we’re facing now. We cannot back down from this opportunity,” he added.

Drumming and chants of “System change not climate change” and “If not you, who? If not now, when?” could be heard throughout, with the rain failing to dampen the protestor’s spirits.

They were particularly loud when the group paused on the steps of the Sub Rooms.

The march briefly held up traffic in places, with marshals ensuring cars were forced to travel at the speed of the pedestrians ahead.

Tom Newman, who lives on Cainscross Road, counted 125 vehicles being held up.

“I didn’t see anybody irate or anything. Credit to the kids,” he said.

Police also kept an eye of proceedings, with members of the public stopping to watch, and occasionally applaud, the march.

Although students made up the majority of the numbers, people of all ages got involved.

Primary school pupil Tabitha Keane attended along with her mother, Charlotte.

“People should just stop pollution. It’s ruining our planet and we only get one Earth,” she said.

Eighty-two-year-old grandmother Trish Dickinson was another on the march and called the government irresponsible for not doing more to protect the Earth.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince left his office to take a photo with the striking students. “The kids have great energy. It’s exciting to see this kind of passion about our future,” he said.

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