The Hog at Horsley sends message following closure of Neighbourhood Inn

A PUB landlord has sent out a strong message following the closure of the Neighbourhood Inn, Chalford. 

The owners of the Chalford pub said that they no ‘longer had the fight left in them to continue’ following issues such as Covid, the energy crisis and inflation. 

“This has been a very difficult decision and we have weighed up countless options that would allow us to carry on, but to no avail,” said owners Sarah and Jono Armstrong.

The landlord of the Hog at Horsley, near Nailsworth, has now taken to social media to warn about how the various costs are affecting pubs and businesses.

“This is very sad news from another fantastic local village pub who were the heart of their community,” said landlord Luke Honeychurch. 

“This is the sad reality of the current situation for many pubs.

“Financially, we are personally being hit harder now than throughout most of the pandemic.

“Ballooning energy costs, business rates, VAT, price increases coming from all directions – all paired with a staffing crisis like no other.

“Everyone in this industry is totally exhausted and barely making a penny profit.

“Times are really flipping hard right now for everyone. 

“If you are not however not feeling the pinch quite as much, for the love of God get out and support your local pubs and shops and other businesses, because the harsh reality is that many of them may not survive the next few months without it.”

In the last few weeks serious concerns have been raised about the future of small businesses across the Stroud district amid the cost-of-living crisis.

The chair of the Stroud Chamber of Trade plus the Stroud MP are investigating the impact the energy crisis is having on small businesses across the town and district. 

I am very, very worried about the future of small and medium enterprises,” said Tony Davey, chairperson of the Stroud & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce. 

“I can’t name a cost that is not rising.”

Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie is surveying local businesses to collate more information about the cost of energy and other inflationary pressures are affecting them.

“It is important that the government knows what we are facing,” said Ms Baillie. 

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