Thefts of catalytic converter on the rise in Cotswolds

Vehicle owners are being warned that thefts are on the rise across the Cotswolds.

Gloucestershire PC Nick Westmacott says there has been a surge in the number of catalytic converter thefts over recent weeks.

Thefts have taken place in Stow, Moreton, Chipping Campden and Moreton.

PC Westmacottt explained that the offenders cut off a part of the exhaust containing the catalytic converter which has valuable metals inside worth a lot of money on the second-hand market.

Vehicles such as 4x4s or those higher off the ground tend to be targeted as they are easier for offenders to access.

The thefts only take a matter of minutes to complete, when using a power saw.

“Anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles should be reported to police,” said PC Westmacott.


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