This is when your bins will be collected over Christmas and New Year

There are no changes to waste collection dates over Christmas and New Year, which means residents should present containers by 6am on their normal scheduled collection day.

And this year for the first time, wrapping paper can be recycled.

This is as long as it doesn’t spring back to a flat shape after being scrunched up, and doesn’t contain foil, glitter or synthetic material.

Wrapping paper should be put in the green recycling box.

Polystyrene foam can’t currently be recycled, so that should be placed in general waste and not in recycling.

If bad weather strikes and snow or ice holds up collections, residents should leave their waste and recycling out for two days including Saturdays but not Sundays.

If crews are unable to collect it within this period, it should be taken back in until the next scheduled collection.

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