thought for the week with matt frost - THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: with Matt Frost
thought for the week with matt frost 1 - THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: with Matt Frost

TEARS – lots of tears.

Grief brings tears.

You will have cried when you have lost someone.

In recent weeks we have lost a number of people in our church who have died young, and we are grieving.

Celia, Michael and Bob.

Michael Sleggs has been part of our church since childhood, and was known to millions through his role in the BBC 3 television programme: This Country.

Bob Morris has been the youth & children’s pastor at our church for 15 years and has impacted the lives of 1000s of children and young people in our community.

The outpourings of love & sympathy have been huge – so many people want to say something about what they meant to them.

When you have lost someone dear to you, the desire is to remember, to cry, to say words that remind you of them.

Each of these three friends from our church were different to one another – their journeys were not the same.

However, when it came to the end they had one thing in common.

They were convinced that this wasn’t the end, that God was holding them and if they were to die – then they had a big hope – a hope that they were on their way to a world that is a whole lot bigger, and a whole lot brighter.

This may seem wishful thinking – but for each of them it was based on two things.

Firstly, the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus; and secondly their own experience of God in their lives.

I pray that when my time comes I will have this confidence – even in the midst of sadness.

Have a blessed week.

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