THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: With Stephen Goundrey-Smith

thought for the week with stephen goundrey smith - THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: With Stephen Goundrey-Smith
thought for the week with stephen goundrey smith 1 - THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: With Stephen Goundrey-Smith

Stop the world?

The activities of Extinction Rebellion have been very much in the news recently, with protesters blocking roads, occupying bridges and protesting at airports to highlight the issues of climate change.

Some have complained about the disruption caused – but this is nothing compared to the disruption to human life that could eventually result from the deadly combination of climate change, pollution and reduced biodiversity.

It might seem that Extinction Rebellion wants to stop the world – in fact, they just want to prevent the world from stopping.

Many of us enjoy material life on our planet, and the resources it provides us.

Christians especially have good reasons for looking after the planet to keep the world turning.

First, in the creation account in Genesis, God looked at everything he made and said that it was good.

If it’s good for God then it’s good for us – and, despite the current pollution threats, the beauty of this world can still fill us with awe and wonder.

Second, in the beauty and order of the natural world, we see something of God’s power and glory – the idea we call “natural theology”.

So, if we damage or exploit the world, in fact we are offending God himself.

Third, God knows all the intricate details of our created world, so things that we still don’t fully understand scientifically are no mystery to God.

So how can we be so arrogant as to think we understand the world enough to plunder it at will?

So let’s do our bit to keep God’s world turning.

Keep reducing, reusing and recycling at home.

And pray and campaign for governments to do the things that we can’t do as individuals.

Stop the world?

As far as living a greener life is concerned, we’ve barely started!

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