TikTok’s Francis Bourgeois spots Worcester-bound Flying Scotsman

Arguably the world’s most famous trainspotter was among the crowds watching on as the Flying Scotsman made its way to Worcester on Saturday.

TikTok star Francis Bourgeois posted a clip to the video-sharing social network on Sunday night as he caught a glimpse of the iconic locomotive during its journey to Worcester.

Francis, known by many for his interesting choice of camera angle, waited eagerly at Sapperton Tunnel, in the Cotswolds, for the Flying Scotsman.

Speaking in the video he said: “Very soon the Flying Scotsman will be chugging its way up the incline here.

“It will be a crescendo of steam, sound, and hopefully some whistles as it blasts through the tunnel beneath us.”

When the moment arrived, Francis was left visibly emotional.

He said: “It’s beautiful.

“How stunning is that?”

@francis.bourgeois The most euphoric scene, the Flying Scotsman thundering towards Sapperton Tunnel! #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

Francis has gathered 2.3 million followers on TikTok, accumulating over 40 million likes.

In recent weeks, many of Francis’ post had come from Milan where he has been working with high-fashion brand Gucci.

But he made sure to return to Blighty just in time for the Flying Scotsman’s pilgrimage to Worcester.

The steam locomotive passed through the Cotswolds and Evesham on its way to Shrub Hill.

The video has already had one million views and received 171,000 likes.

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