Time to embrace cheap, green wind power

The government’s lack of ambition means that they only plan to help around 300,000 of the country’s least energy efficient homes by March 2026, with £1bn investment in things like cavity wall and loft insulation.

Britain has millions of inefficient homes that cost far too much to run – especially in Stroud District where so many of our homes have solid brick or stone walls which are unable to have cheap cavity wall insulation.

Instead of spending only a billion pounds on the cheap and easy solutions that won’t help many people in Stroud, the Greens have called for investing £25 billion a year for ten years to save huge amounts of money for ten million homes. This will mean more money in everyone’s pockets and cosier, healthier homes.

The Conservatives are also failing to make our electricity system cheap and green. By far the cheapest source of electricity is onshore wind. The Conservatives need to end their opposition to wind turbines so that we can have cheap, green turbines generating our electricity for decades to come.

It’s absurd that new houses are still being built without solar panels – and government rules prevent the Green-led Stroud District Council from requiring solar panels on new builds.

The Conservatives could have chosen to help ordinary people through cheaper, cleaner energy and a reduction in emissions. Instead they have chosen to support the climate-wrecking nuclear and fossil fuel industries.

Pete Kennedy,

Green Party parliamentary candidate for Stroud

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