Tractor driver who walked away from A419 crash with cuts says it’s a miracle he survived

tractor driver who walked away from a419 crash with cuts says its a miracle he survived - Tractor driver who walked away from A419 crash with cuts says it's a miracle he survived

A TRACTOR driver involved in a horror crash on the A419 walked away with cuts and bruises.

Spencer Saveall, 22, from Blunsdon, said it was a miracle he survived.

The farm worker was heading home on Saturday when his Massey Ferguson tractor was struck from behind by a lorry near the Blunsdon turning.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Saveall said: “I was minding my own business going up the A419. All of a sudden I was hit by a lorry.

“I don’t remember half the journey and being hit.

“I got launched out the back of the tractor, out the back window and ended up on the floor looking at the back wheels of the tractor.”

He told Farmers Weekly: “It’s a miracle I survived. There must be an angel somewhere up there, looking down kindly on me.”

He was taken to Great Western Hospital, but doctors found he’d escaped serious injury. He suffered cuts to his neck and hand.

Firefighters rescued his dog, a Huntaway called Flo, who was in the tractor cab.

Mr Saveall’s boss, Liz Webster, said the man arrived at the farm later that day to pick up his car.  “They’d cut all his clothes off, so he was virtually dressed in his mum’s purple fleece. His hair was all on end and he looked like he’d been shot – propelled from a cannon, really.”

She said the authorities needed to look at ways of “stopping this disaster from happening again”. She called for improvements to the Castle Eaton junction and warning signs alerting other motorists to the fact farm traffic was likely to be using the road.

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