‘Travellers’ move on to land near children’s playground in Cheltenham

Travellers have moved on to land near a children’s play area in Cheltenham.

They have arrived at the George Readings Play Area in the Arle part of town, near Hester’s Way.

One parent who took her child to the park this afternoon saw that they had pitched up and said: “It doesn’t look as if they are going anywhere soon.”

travellers move on to land near childrens playground in cheltenham 1 - 'Travellers' move on to land near children's playground in Cheltenham

Caravans near the children’s play area

Earlier this week, travellers had set up camp on a site off Tommy Taylors Lane in Cheltenham.

It was a return to a situation last year when travellers set up unauthorised camps on different sites in the area on several locations.

It is not clear if the travellers in Arle are linked to those that had been at Tommy Taylors Lane.

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Top Gloucestershire news stories today

In Gloucester, travellers were due to be evicted yesterday from land in Lobleys Drive Park in Abbeymead.

Five large caravans had moved on to the land after cutting through chains on gates and setting up camp in the car park.

Enforcement officers were granted an eviction notice and that has been put into effect this afternoon, Friday.

Updates on the latest situation in Cheltenham as we get them.



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