Tunnel in Victory Park, Stroud to be repainted by Safe Space members

A TUNNEL in Stroud which ‘frightens the public’ has been chosen for the next repaint project. 

This comes following the recent repaint of a ‘dark and horrible place’ near the site of a rape.

The tunnel near Sainsbury’s, Dudbridge, was transformed by community volunteers.

Safe Space – a group formed in Stroud in the wake of the attack near Dudbridge – organised a clean-up and painting of the tunnel.

Their next project is a tunnel at Victory Park, Cainscross. 

Stroud News and Journal:

“The public feel frightened and anxious whilst using the tunnel,” said Chrissie Lowery from Safe Space.

“It has no lights and is very overgrown.

“The public and the council asked us to do this one next.

“The recent rape incident at Woodchester, plus the rape incidents at Dudbridge and Stroud cemetery have made women feel very unsafe.”

The repaint of the tunnel is due to take place after next week’s half-term break. 

Safe Space has the equipment and is waiting for the paint, but will be in need of volunteers.

Volunteers are especially needed for the clean-up and cutting back aspects of the operation. 

Follow Safe Space for more details – bit.ly/3F2fAXg

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