Underage teen sold alcohol during police tests in the Dursley area

The Dursley Neighbourhood Policing Team conducted this Test Purchase operation at eight ‘on’ and ‘off’ licenced premises in Dursley, Cam, Berkeley and Wotton-Under-Edge on Thursday, March 30.

The 16-year-old was accompanied by two police officers in plain clothes who observed the test.

Six venues passed and two failed – one off-licence and one pub.

Sergeant Garrett Gloyn, of Stroud Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We choose our test purchaser carefully in order to make the test fair, so we don’t use great big lads with fully grown beards! 

“The test purchaser is not allowed to lie about their age and will never produce fake ID or try to cajole the venue staff into making the sale.

“We undertake these tests as there is a well-established link between the consumption of alcohol and anti-social behaviour and violent crime. 

“Where the consumption of alcohol is by young people the problems in relation to anti-social behaviour can be exacerbated as drinking by young people frequently occurs in residential areas or public places such as parks.”

He added: “I am pleased to report that six venues passed. Of the two that failed, one was an off-licence and the other was a pub.

“The staff who made the sales will be interviewed and may be summonsed to court. 

“Our licencing officer will be contacting the premises supervisors to discuss the actions of their staff, what training is in place for staff and potentially whether we need to seek a review of the venues license to sell alcohol.

“Although we don’t conduct these tests very often it’s fair to say that anywhere that has failed can expect to be visited by the team to check on behaviour and tested again in the future.”

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