Urgent call for action as bins in Cotswolds overflow with dog poo

A COUNCILLOR is calling for action on rising levels of dog mess in the Cotswolds.

Cllr Julia Judd (Con, Ermin) said a surge in the number of dog owners during lockdown had led to so much extra waste that dog waste bins in the area can’t cope with it all.

She is now urging Cotswold District Council to increase the number of dog waste bins at popular dog walking locations and local parks, whilst also increasing the frequency they are emptied.

“Many Cotswold locations suffer from a huge increase of dog waste causing the waste bins to fill up quickly. It is also common to see dog waste bags lying on the ground around overflowing bins,” she said.

“Despite the sizeable increase in dog ownership in the Cotswolds, the number of local dog waste collection bins and the frequency in which they are emptied has mostly remained at pre-Covid levels.”

Councillor Andrew Doherty (Lib Dem, Fairford North) is CDC’s cabinet member for environment, waste and recycling.

He said he agreed that the increase in dog ownership was being reflected in greater volumes of waste, but said that dog owners should take their dog mess home if the bins were full.

“Whether we have or haven’t managed to empty a given bin doesn’t eliminate personal responsibility for dog owners,” he said.

“Nobody should consider it acceptable to leave bags of dog waste in the middle of a path or field, dropping a bag next to a bin because it’s full isn’t different.”

He added: “We don’t want to leave bins full for any length of time and the team works hard to try and avoid that.

“We are trying various changes to rounds, collections, staff and messaging to help manage the problem and we’ll continue to do so.

“In particular, we hope that as Covid restrictions change we will have a better idea of what the new volumes will be in the long term and be able to plan accordingly.”

The issue is set to be raised at a full council meeting.

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