Urgent plea to help terminally ill man meet nephew

Robert Hale, 33, from Thornbury, is determined to make it to September for the birth.

He was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago and in the run up to Christmas was told he had just months to live.

Rob set his heart set on being able to celebrate his niece’s second birthday, which he was able to do on Tuesday.

Now he is determined to meet his nephew in September.

“Reaching my niece’s birthday has been one of the factors keeping me going,” said Rob.

“It was worth it to see her smiling.”

He has now launched a GoFundMe to raise money for chemotherapy which could prolong his life for a few more months.

The fundraiser – created on April 14 – has already raised nearly £14,000.

The cost of the chemotherapy along with the five day stay as a patient currently sits at around £10,000 per cycle.

“Ideally, they said they would give me between three and six cycles,” he said.

“I know the chemo will not fix me or save me but it could give me more time.

“I want to be remembered as someone who fought to the end, took every opportunity and always chose to walk the harder path in the name of sticking around for important milestones.

“I will push on as far as my funds will take me but there will come a point where the cost far exceeds the benefits and I do not wish to bleed my parents dry in the hopes of a few more days on earth.

“When I make that decision, I hope you all do not see it as giving up.”

In August 2021, Mr Hale received stem cell treatment to try and extend his life by around 18 months.

Following the diagnosis, he created a bucket list which included visiting all the castles in the UK, before he received the recent medical update at Christmas which gave him just a few months to live.

Since then, he has been given multiple options for treatment with the first course, a chemotherapy drug called Vincristine, not working.

This has left Mr Hale with two further chemotherapy drugs as options.

The drug Nelarabine is Mr Hale’s preferred choice although he says the NHS won’t pay for it as it is a palliative treatment rather than a curative, which is why he launched the GoFundMe page.

Mr Hale – who this week marked two years since his leukaemia diagnosis – also says he wants to be remembered as someone who turned a negative experience into a positive.

“Two years doesn’t sound a lot, but I’ve been through hell and back and nearly died a couple of times along the way,” he said.

“I had a living funeral, I wrote a will and I picked a burial plot.

“I should have died in May 2021 but I didn’t.

“I want to help people other from around the world navigate leukaemia.”

Donate at – bit.ly/3HcJWX9

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