Utilized . police car tyres promted online by force office employees

106997482 img 0632 - Utilized . police car tyres promted online by force office employees
Image caption Tires on police vehicles ‘re replaced well before they access the legal minimum considering the vehicles are “driven frustrating and in all weather conditions”

Cop staff sold part-worn tyres from force vehicles for private gain, it has emerged.

Members of Gloucestershire Constabulary’s fleet team, and it looks after about 450 engines, were disciplined over the digital sales.

The exact force refused to reveal a lot of tyres sold, and associated with whether any staff involved they were sacked.

Nevertheless it really said it would not have started financially affected, as accustomed tyres are usually given to the perfect disposal company.

The practice came to delicate following an investigation by the Local Democracy Reporting Service .

A Freedom of Information (FOI) Request revealed a strain investigation in 2015 pumped into at least two staff members is disciplined.

Any details, including exactly how most staff were involved, amount tyres they sold and also the much money they presented, were withheld by the atrocity.

It would not just confirm whether the members of all staff still worked during the fleet team or your house tyres were sold atop or below market value.

The force talked policies had now recently changed on the disposal regarding tyres that are “no greater the time of value” to it.

‘Admin oversight’

An internal review premiered into the team in 2017, partly due to the investigation, and since then a new manager was basically appointed.

The latest Gloucestershire Constabulary spokesman talked: “We must stress of during and since the inspection there has been no impact on personal service to the public, ” the man added.

It said no further advice about the investigation would be provided as a result of “the misconduct outcomes arrived at are spent”.

An FOI also shown the results of the investigation were not published on the force’s online store “due to an administrative oversight”.

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