Vandals wrecking spree ‘disappoints’ business owners

vandals wrecking spree disappoints business owners 1 - Vandals wrecking spree 'disappoints' business owners

Vandals who struck on the two nights of Chipping Sodbury’s Mop Fair have been slammed by business owners, residents and councillors.

Two different areas in the town were targeted over the weekend.

One area that was attacked on Saturday night was Hatherell’s Yard next to Coffee#1.

Lights that hang overhead in small yard were smashed and some concrete standing floor lights were actually ripped out of the ground.

“It is just a real shame to think that it would happen in Chipping Sodbury,” Ms Abbott, owner of a business in the yard said.

“This area has been opened for around five years now and this is the first time that we have had any kind of vandalism here.”

The damage caused to the lights follows on from another incident in the yard that took place earlier in the week when a knife was used to cut the market stalls.

“Six of our market stalls were damaged in total,” Ms Abbott revealed.

“Two of these had slashes through the roofs and four had the edges cut off.

“The scary thought is someone has been walking around sodbury with a knife and then chose to do this with it.

“So in less then a few days multiple damage was caused and there is a worry that it could happen to the shops next.

“It would be horrible as everyone here works really hard.”

This incident in the yard followed on from Friday night when a sign in a nearby green space was smashed to pieces.

Residents reported that signage at St John’s Park was completely trashed.

The signs that were vandalised are used to inform walkers of a route to take, whilst also making them aware of the wildlife that can be seen in the green space near the park.

South Gloucestershire, and Sodbury Town Councillor Rob Creer admitted he was saddened by the vandalism.

“It’s very disappointing to see this damage caused to the signage in St John’s Park,” he said.

“After residents had contacted me about what had happened, I went over first thing on Saturday morning to see the damage and report it to South Gloucestershire Council.

“I will also be raising the issue at the next Sodbury Town Council Meeting.”

Both incidents took place whilst the Historic Mop Fair was in town and Ms Abbot revealed that they were reviewing what could be done next time the event takes place.

“Whether it happened because the Mop was in the High Street we don’t know for certain, but we are looking at what we can do,” she continued.

“We are now looking at getting CCTV in Hatherell’s Yard because we want to protect the businesses and public that use it.

“The yard is such a nice place and people like it here because everyone respects it. It is a shame, but we will look at what we can do to prevent it.”

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