VE DAY 75: How Stroud celebrated the end of the war in Europe

WHEN the Second World War finally came to an end in Europe, like the rest of the country, the celebrations in Stroud were elated.

As revealed by the Stroud Local History Society, here is how some of Stroud’s residents celebrated on the landmark day.

Margaret Chapman said: “We went to Stroud to the front of the Sub Rooms and down Russell Street, and that’s where I saw the beer running down into the drains where everybody was having so much to drink, it was quite nice.”

G Arthur added: “I must have been at work and me and my friend decided what we were going to do the following day when the celebrations started. “We started by going off to the Prince Albert and having a few drinks and then going into town.

“We joined in the dancing at the top of Rowcroft by George Holloway’s statue and the thing that stays in my mind is the fact that the musicians, a trio of musicians, were standing on the roof of what is now the dentists. And Stan Nichols, who was a special policeman, and quite a large man, was up there playing his double bass.”

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