VIP abuse accuser Carl Beech claims friend was killed

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Image caption Carl Beech denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud

A man accused of lying about a VIP paedophile ring has told a court he saw a school friend deliberately mown down by a car and killed.

Carl Beech, 51, from Gloucester, said after his friend was hit, Mr Beech, a child at the time, was bundled into a car and never saw the other boy again.

He told Newcastle Crown Court he had been too afraid to report what happened, not even telling his dog.

Mr Beech denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

He is accused of inventing allegations that a group of powerful figures sexually abused and murdered three boys in the 1970s and 1980s.

His allegations led to a £2m Scotland Yard inquiry that ended without any arrests or charges.

In his second day giving evidence, Mr Beech told the jury former prime minister Sir Edward Heath, who died in 2005, had cuddled and comforted him in his yacht cabin when he was upset.

He also accused the late Leon Brittan of raping him over a bath, saying the former home secretary “liked violence” and seeing boys in pain.

‘Quiet, like me’

Mr Beech went on to tell the court about the alleged murder, saying he had met a boy he knew “by the name of Scott” in the playground of his Kingston school, in south-west London, in the late 1970s.

The boy was “quiet, like me, but friendly”, he told the court.

They became friends and would meet once or twice a week, he said.

He said one day he and Scott were walking side by side along the pavement in the Coombe Hill area of Kingston when he heard a loud “engine noise” behind him.

“The car hit him – he went over the front of the car and into the road,” Mr Beech said.

“I ran over to him. His leg was bent in a funny direction and there was blood on his head,” Mr Beech told the court.

He then described being bundled into the back of the car, and trying to kick his way out.

“I remember something in my arm and I don’t remember anything else after that,” he added.

‘Figment of imagination’

Mr Beech said he could not be specific about his next memory and was unsure how he got home. He never saw Scott again, the court heard.

Asked why he believed the alleged death happened, he said: “I believe because of the threats that were issued that ‘the group’ was responsible.” He describes the alleged VIP paedophile ring as “the group”.

He said the late Sir Michael Hanley, a one-time head of MI5, threatened him that he “wasn’t to have friends”.

He said he could not tell anyone what had happened, adding: “I didn’t even say anything to my dog.”

Jurors have previously heard Mr Beech claim that Sir Michael was involved in the abduction of his pet dog, Heron.

When defence barrister Collingwood Thompson QC said it had been suggested the alleged hit and run was a figment of his imagination, Mr Beech said: “I know what happened. I was there and I know it took place”.

The court has heard that two police forces found no evidence of such an incident ever taking place in the area and had traced and accounted for everyone called Scott from the school.

The trial continues.

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