Watch dramatic moment plane crashes at Cotswold Airport

THIS is the dramatic moment a disaster was narrowly avoided when an aircraft crash landed at Cotswold Airport yesterday, Thursday.

A pilot and passenger had a lucky escape when the plane – believed to be a Piper Cherokee – overshot the runway before crashing through the perimeter fence and careering across the busy A429 into a ditch.

Thankfully the road was clear and amazingly the pair only suffered minor injuries and walked from the scene.

But this video tweeted by ITV News shows how it could easily have been a much more serious incident.

Footage shows the plane making a bumpy landing before hurtling between two stationary aircraft  – narrowly missing both of them.

Its wing tip can be seen smashing after hitting the front wheel of the Red Wing Airbus before it careers out of the airport grounds through the fence. 

The A429 was closed for several hours while the emergency services dealt with a fuel spill and cleared debris.

Both the pilot and his passenger were taken to hospital as a precaution but are believed to have escaped largely uninjured.

ITV News has published this footage which is believed to have come from CCTV at a car repair workshop opposite the airport.

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