Waterloo House in Nailsworth to temporarily close and offer takeaway

Waterloo House in Nailsworth will be temporarily closing its doors following the new government restrictions due to Covid-19.

A post on the bar and restaurant’s Facebook page said: “Due to the announcement yesterday, and subsequent clarifications today, Waterloo House will be closing down as a sit down establishment as of this Sunday night.

“Forcing table service on us as we are a licensed establishment will kill our coffee trade (no more nipping in for a quick coffee if you are the tenth table to sit down during the mid-morning rush).

“A significant portion of our income comes from post 10pm trade, and without this, the business becomes less viable.”

The owner confirmed the bar will now operate as a takeaway service up until Christmas and will aim to reopen its doors in the near future.

He added: “With apologies and massive thanks for all of your support over the last year and a half, it’s been a great ride, we are locking down to safeguard our future as a business.

“We’ll see you all again in our normal guise in the spring, all being well.”

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