‘We could have been killed’ – couple speak out after Cashes Green crash

we could have been killed couple speak out after cashes green crash - 'We could have been killed' - couple speak out after Cashes Green crash
we could have been killed couple speak out after cashes green crash 2 - 'We could have been killed' - couple speak out after Cashes Green crash

A COUPLE say they could have been killed when a car crashed into their house.

Robin Deane, 74, and his wife Carol, 66, have been forced to leave their home – where they had been self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic – in Cashes Green after a driver lost control of his car and smashed through their fence and into their downstairs bathroom on Wednesday, April 15.

Mr Deane and his wife were watching television in their bedroom at around 11.30pm when they heard a bang which sounded like “a bomb going off”. The impact of the crash saw a part of the couple’s house in Hyett Road demolished.

Fortunately nobody was physically harmed during the crash.

Police, with the support of a helicopter, searched for the driver but no-one was located at the time.

A man handed himself in the following morning and later attended hospital for treatment for non-serious injuries.

Mr Deane said: “If me or my wife were in the bathroom or the hallway when it happened, we would have died.

“For two hours we were kept outside the house because it’s unsafe to be in.

“If the car had been a bit further over it would have gone through the kitchen wall, and if all of that was demolished we would have been killed, because the upstairs bedroom would have collapsed because the joists run from front to back so there’d have been nothing holding that end of the joist up.”

The couple have since been moved into a property in Stonehouse provided by the council.

Mr Deane has been self-isolating since February 27 as he has Myasthenia gravis (MG), a long-term neuromuscular disease. He is classed as high risk for coronavirus because the medication he is on suppresses his immune system.

He said: “It’s very difficult at the moment, and this is really really upsetting because of the stress I’m under at the moment because of my disease.”

Mr Deane warned against the risks of dangerous driving.

He said: “On Wednesday someone lost control of their car and crashed at such speed that it demolished part of my home. It is time to stop speeding.”

The incident comes after a rise in ‘Covid speeders’ since the coronavirus lockdown.

Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl has spoken out against reckless drivers.

He said: “Speeding and antisocial driving is unacceptable at any time, but when the roads are free of traffic, some people seem to think it’s all right to put their foot down.

“The emergency services are concentrating their efforts on managing the spread of Covid-19, so it’s crucial that we don’t add to their workload through reckless driving.

“I urge road users to consider the strain being put on the NHS during these unprecedented times and to drive considerately.”

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