Welsh anglers asked not to visit lakes on English border

welsh anglers asked not to visit lakes on english border - Welsh anglers asked not to visit lakes on English borderImage copyright Google
Image caption Broadstone Park, near Coleford in Gloucestershire, has two fishing lakes next to England’s border with Wales

Welsh anglers are being asked not to travel to a park on the English border.

There are two fishing lakes at Broadstone Park, between Coleford in Gloucestershire and Monmouth in Wales.

In Wales, the stricter stay-at-home rules remain in force but in England people can drive to other destinations for outdoor pursuits including fishing.

Park and campsite owner Jeff Revill said: “I’ve had quite a number of calls but if I know they are travelling from Wales, I would say ‘no’.”

Mr Revill says the England-Wales border runs right through the centre of the park and campsite.

“The fishing ponds are a few metres inside England and one of the banks is in Wales,” he said.

“Most of the time, it has a novelty to it. People come from Wales and England camping and some prefer to camp in their own country and some prefer to ‘go abroad’.”

Image copyright Broadstone Park
Image caption The park boasts two lakes stocked with carp, rudd, bream, trout and perch

Under the newly relaxed coronavirus regulations in England, travelling to enjoy activities including angling is allowed, either with members of your own household or with one other person from another household.

In Wales, police still have the power to fine people for making non-essential journeys and angling must be done locally.

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Image caption The fishing lakes are a few metres inside England but one of the lake’s banks sits in Wales, according to the owner

Mr Revill said he was telling Welsh anglers they were “best off staying and fishing in Wales”.

“As soon as it was announced that you could fish, I was getting calls,” he said.

“But we’re being very, very strict and limiting how many people come fishing at any one time so it’s easy to keep good social distancing.

He added that it was up to anglers from Wales to decide whether to travel to Broadstone Park, but said he would “rather they didn’t, and keep to the instructions”.

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