What would the Windrush generation make of this all?

In the comment section on pages 36&37 of The Times of 19.9.20 there was an enlightening article written by Trevor Phillips, a brown skinned man, a child of Caribbean immigrants, who grew up in London.

He states that “not one of the dozens of men and women interviewed ever said that they regretted coming to Britain”: this in connection with the book ‘Windrush:The Irristible Rise of Multiracial Britain’.

He writes that African slaves were not captured in Bristol, and that those who have African heritage might do well, before they denounce long dead British slave owners, to find out which side of the vile transactions in West Africa’s slave ports their ancestors stood.

His life was directly shaped by the legacy of Colonialism, and he and others like him are far less exercised about the symbols of the past than those whose lives were not.

During the 1950’s, when I worked in London, I lived on the edge of ‘Little Jamaica’, and walked through it regularly for cinemas, shops and Lambeth Library in Brixton, in daylight and after dark.

No problem.

Yrs faithfully,

Mrs. Molly Roberts


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