When £150 council tax rebate to be paid in Stroud

THE £150 council tax rebate will be paid soon to householders in Stroud who qualify for it. 

Householders who live in Council Tax bands A to D qualify for a £150 rebate as part of the Government’s initiative to help households with rising energy costs.

It will not be taken off residents’ council tax bills when they are issued but will be a separate payment.

The rebate was expected to be paid to people who pay their Council Tax by direct debit from April, after their first payment has been collected.

Stroud District Council are intending to start making payments during the week commencing Monday, May 9. 

A post on the Stroud District Council website in April explained the delay.

“We have just received the new software to allow us to process the energy rebate.

“However, as this is brand new and untried software we will need to undertake extensive testing before we can release payments.”

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