Where is the plan for growth Rishi?

I looked at the Prime Minister being quizzed by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday and hoped Rishi Sunak would say something to boost the confidence of business.

But that didn’t come, and I am left wondering where is the plan to grow our economy?

It’s badly needed as it looks like on Friday there will more gloomy news that the economy contracted more in November-setting Britain on course for a recession.

Granted that Rishi Sunak is wrestling industrial problems with rail workers and nurses, but business-the engine room of our economy-has to be given some renewed confidence by government.

Unfortunately for business, the bad news is piling up for them very quickly.

First, there is the impending body blow of government decreasing the financial support on company energy bills.

And come April, business then face the double whammy of higher personal taxes and higher corporation tax that will be crippling to many smaller firms in Gloucestershire.

I echo the verdict on these blows to business from David Bharier, head of research at the British Chambers of Commerce(BCC) of which Business West is one of the largest members in the UK.

“For many, the cost of doing business is now simply too high”, he says.

What business now needs from this new government is a realistic plan for growth.

I want to see some positive news on energy from government to financé the new fleet of Rolls Royce mini reactors(SMRs)-each the size of three football pitches.

It could be that Berkeley could be an ideal site for some of the first of these small reactors which would give a massive boost to our local economy.

The area, of course, has an enormous nuclear heritage in terms of professional expertise.

Business is going to be taking some serious body blows over the next few months, and as yet, there is little sign of government support to give companies the confidence to invest.

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